World Refugee Day | AllofUs Travel

“Being a Refugee is someone who flees from war, persecution or natural disasters forcefully.” - Mohamed Malim, Founder of Dream Refugee, explains. "World refugee Day is a celebration of all the refugees around the word, the success and contributions they made in the world. We are honoring them."

In 2018, I helped travel product goods company AllOfUs with social media management and photography. AllOfUs donates proceeds of every purchase to help the bravest travelers of all, refugees. World Refugee Day was around the corner and I knew we had to do something special for it.

We tapped into local influencers who are also proud refugees to help us out. We interviewed them, photographed them, then used these photos to shed light on the common stereotypes some may have on refugees. Celebrating - not judging.

The result was beautiful. Beyond seeing our social media rise in engagement and retweets, we also saw comments of support and encouragement. Stories were told. Stories were heard. One person at a time.

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“There is no “Us”, there is no “Them”, Only All of Us."

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