A Day Documented | FujiFilm x100t

For the past 6 months, I've been itching for a travel camera. Something small, not super fancy, and that doesn't look like the point and shoot I owned when I was 14 years old (RIP Nikon Coolpix). I probably read a few dozen reviews and talked my friends ears off about which camera I should buy. Then, I was shooting with on of my favorite photographers and I saw him carrying something beautiful. Film-esk in appearance, completely silent in shutter, and simplistic in settings. The next day, I went out and bought my very own FujiFilm x100t

That weekend, my husband and I had a date day. I kept the camera at my side all day and captured my favorite moments. These are some of my favorite photo of 2016 so far. They're not significantly glamorous or extremely aesthetically pleasing, but they are moments that hold meaning. And that's why we should all take photos, right? For meaning, not aesthetic. 

To read more about the FujiFilm x100t, click here! As you can tell, I'm a big fan of it. It's one of my favorite tools in the belt. 

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