Kyle & Carissa | Rubies and Rust

It was a breezy September day when I drove up to the victorian antique barn ready to photograph Kyle and Carissa's wedding day. Family and friends were laughing while setting up ceremony chairs and trying to arrange buckets of babies breath. In an old t-shirt, the groom was doing his best to follow out his beloved bride's wishes, while still maintaining to not make contact with her until their "first look". Kyle gave me a hug, laughed, shrugged, said "I hope this will do!" then pointed me to where Carissa was. Stepping into a creaky old home, I was warmly greeted with a hug from the bride. She instantly asked how life has been and how I am doing. 

This is why Kyle and Carissa are unlike any other. They find laughter in the chaos, think of others on their day, and never cease to love one another. It was an honor to capture this beautiful day.  


Venue: Rubies and Rust Barn