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I thought you might find this interesting.

My husband and I took off work for 2 months to travel around the Middle East. We connected with local humanitarians efforts, businesses, missionaries and more to provide creative services for them. For free. A lot of the time the toilet didn’t flush, the food was peculiar, the nights were long staying up late editing videos before we flew out the next day, and it was absolutely worth it. Makes me think of Latitude and their mission, in a way.

I think we would be a perfect match, and I’m going to spend the rest of my career proving that to you.  

I have worked with over a hundred brands across many industries ranging from retail to beauty to food and consumer packaged goods. My sweet spot/focus is in bringing brands to life through visual concepting and storytelling. While I started my career behind a camera, I found my true joy and passion in the styling, messaging, and client relations that happen before and after! I think I can bring great value to the team, am eager to learn, and would be honored to be considered. 

I may not have all the chops you’re asking for in the Associate Creative Director role, but I sure do have a lot of good ones.

  • I’m driven. For example, this webpage. I’ll use that same drive in a team setting when it comes to new clients, getting projects done, and keeping positive energy in a team setting.

  • “But you have no agency experience!” Well, that’s not necessarily true. In the past 6 years of running my own business, I’ve worked with multiple agencies and brand partners to create beautiful product launched and add campaigns. On top of it, I was on the social media team at Cheerios when they were choosing a new agency to hire. I saw dozens of pitches, heard insight from the Cheerios team, and a part choosing 72 And Sunny.

  • I’m more than just a photographer. Yes, I take pretty photos but there’s a lot more that goes on to get that image (as you, of course, know). Meeting with the client, hearing their goals, creating a pitch, producing the shoot, post production, and then finally.. the pretty photos. I run my business with honesty, an open mindset, and it shows by returning clients and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

Now, for honesty.

I want to work for Latitude because their office culture is unlike anything I’ve seen. I love that they have a heart beyond making inspiring work, but inspire by action. I love that people say hi to each other when walking through the hallways, even though I just met them. I love open house Wednesday mornings that create an environment of collaboration and warmth.

I want to work at Latitude for these reason, just to name a few.

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