"You're doing what?!"

Back in the spring of 2016, we got dinner with some dear missionary friends. They recently returned from a trip to Cairo, Egypt in partnership with Live Dead (an amazing missions organization that focuses on the Middle East. See more here)

We mentioned how we've always dreamed of leaving our normal behind, living out of a backpack, and using our talents in a missions setting. A day later, we got an email asking if we were really serious about serving because there was a possible opportunity.  

A month long trip visiting 6 different Middle Eastern countries. We will be visiting missionaries, shooting family photos and updated their prayers cards, leading worship and small teachings. Loving on people who gave given their entire life to reach the unreachable. We will be staying with local missionary families and seeing their new inhabited culture, capturing photos for Live Dead and the missionaries use. 


  • Leading worship for home churches and gatherings
  • Special worship night
  • Practical teaching on leading worship
  • Spiritual input/training on worship


  • Capturing video footage and photography images for Live Dead
  •  Promotions, videos etc
  • Take new pictures for missionary prayer cards 
  • Design missionary prayer cards