One Country Down, 5 To Go

Egypt, we love you.

The team has welcomed us in with cheek kisses and loud laughs. In the final two days in Cairo, Bethany cranked out 7 photo shoots and 3 video shoots. We pulled an all-nighter to finish the piles of edits and then raced to the airport to arrive at 6:30AM. 

Wes has had a lot of writing time in-betweens shoots and team meetings. I love watching him create fresh, vibrant, uplifting songs in the midst of all the darkness here. On our final night, Wes sat on the rooftop writing and singing while the Call To Prayer was ringing throughout the city. What a crazy contrast.

Wes started dribbling the soccer ball with some boys, which ended up being a full-fledged soccer match in the middle of the street. They all think Wes is David Beckham here, obviously so.