Why Aesop Should Hire Me 

For the Brand Marketing Coordinator, Americas possition

I am a professional photographer of 4 years located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I work with small business helping with brand development and strategy through visual media. I've used Aesop for a source of inspiration and direction for years. I stepped into my first Aesop store a few weeks ago while visiting Paris for work. My obsessed transformed into a goal: to one day work for the Aesop HQ. 

All images taken & styled by Bethany Schrock

All images taken & styled by Bethany Schrock

Aesop is a brand that let's the product do the marketing. No flashy packaging, no neon storefront lights, simply consistency and quality. The Aesop company had a small batch essence with word of mouth raves. Your hand balm, for example, has been a source of creative inspiration for customers that demands the need to tell others about it. That is what sets Aesop apart. 

I have been working as a photographer and creative director for the past 4 years in Minneapolis. I am fueled by collaboration, challenge and the art of visually storytelling. Working with small businesses, I have had the opportunity to be hands on in the brand development and strategy aspects of marketing. I believe those years of owning my own business and working so closely product launches as prepared me for a position of Brand Marketing as Aesop. 

One thing I love about owning my own business is that hard work directly effects how many projects I book or clients that return to me for work. My enthusiasm, energy and skill are dependent on a success. I have never been one to passively wait for opportunities or projects to arise, but chase them down with an eagerness for excellence. 



Minneapolis, MN



Minneapolis Community Technical College 

Design & Layout '13


BethCath, Photographer & Creative Director , 5 years to date

Working with small businesses, national brands and products not only delivering images but also creative direction. I've done work for brands like Cheerios, Baxter of California and other local Minneapolis business owners (Kiki Koyote, Whitney VerMeer, and more). I have had extensive experience on understanding the clients needs, how to reach the consumer, how to execute a photoshoot with other products and brands involved, clear communication and delivering a final project that exceeds expectations. I am able to balance multiple projects at one time while hitting deadlines and needs. 

General Mills, Cheerios Social Media Photographer & Content Strategist, June '16 to date

Strategizing and executing photo shoots that reach our customers  and  fuels engagement. Heading projects like introducing Cheerio's brand new Very Berry Cheerios, creating Cheerios recipes, and helping curate the new aesthetic of our social media.  I use data to analyze our consumer and how to best reach them with visuals and social campaigns.